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about prices
Meals are usually offered by the hotel/guesthouse, nothing exquisite and not much choice, but quite...
about attitude to foreigners
There are many tourists in Bangkok, who can get swindled sometimes (as in any other touristy place),...
about quality of medicine
For every budget. Usually, an international alliance insurance (who work with large local hospitals)...
about transport
A lot of cars, mostly Japanese. The roads are acceptable, you need to go to the far outskirts or...
about impression of local population
Mostly, the labor class. The intellectual community and interest-based groups aren’t well developed....

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Is working in South Korea dangerous, or not?

Should you be asking if the employer could be dishonest and lie to you, then the answer is yes. However, this can happen in almost any country, as you surely understand. In reality, all foreigners, who arrive in Korea to work, are directed to a makeshift educational center at first, where they are...


How to find accommodation in Hannover?

It is quite hard to find accommodation in Hannover during the exhibitions, of which, about 40 are held annually. Both the competition and prices are higher then. It also depends on the duration of your stay: a day, a week, a month, or a year. The longer you stay, the cheaper it will cost.


How can I find a temporary job for a month in Kuala Lumpur or another Malaysian city?

The service and tourism industry makes the most sense if you are looking for a temporary job: barmen, waiters, hotel employees, guides, etc. However, you can easily find a job in a different field, especially if you have good English. There are abundant representative jobs for people with fair skin...


New York, United States

I’ve recently moved backed to Russia for some time, but I lived in Brooklyn in the Sheepshead bay region. I rented a studio for 900 USD, or more accurately, it was the ground floor of a private three-storied house with a separate entrance. I consider myself very lucky to have gotten that price,...