Climate in city Copenhagen

Anonym 2 years, 11 months ago
In winter the temperature drops to as low as 0 - +5 degrees, it is chill due to wind and high moisture. But, of course, it is much warmer than winter in Ukraine. Snow falls a couple of times, stays for several days and melts.
Spring and autumn are very long, the temperature is around 15 degrees. However, the same temperature can feel differently depending on the wind and cloudiness. In spring it is mostly sunny. What concerns summer, people say I’ve been lucky with my first summer in Copenhagen – it was very warm, sunny and sometimes even hot, it was possible to swim in the sea. But even in the heat it will be chill enough in the shade – it’s not like in Ukraine. Ukrainian summer was one of the reasons to move here: it is very hard to tolerate with 40 degrees.
There’s no air-conditioning in almost every building, so in the heat it may not be comfortable to work, but it depends on the office. However, many Danes use any opportunity to work from home, so if you don’t want to go to work you may sit at home with your laptop. The same is when the weather is bad.