Education in city Copenhagen

Anonym 2 years, 10 months ago
Education is considered to be free of charge, but for instance, my friends pay quite a lot for the kindergarten. I don’t know anything about schools, however.

Kindergarten. According to my friends, kindergartens are very good. Each week (sometimes even more often) they go on excursions to different institutions: from entertainment like the zoo or the aquarium to different factories where children learn how people work.
School. So far I’ve heard only bad things about Danish schools and the quality of education in them: for instance, people say that even school graduates know nothing about variables. However the children are taught how to communicate, and they study English. The Danes think it is more important than Math, and I can’t but agree with them. Besides, it is compensated with their higher education.

University. The Danes’ attitude towards higher education is very serious, the subject of master’s thesis is a considered to be a normal topic in the conversation. There are no jokes like “we’ve got manuals, let’s go pass the exams”. As far as I can feel the school is for personal development, and the universities are for receiving specific specialization. For instance, if a person chooses to study Math, he will have to study hard. My colleague’s son has made his master’s thesis on a complex mathematical subject and went to MTI to continue his studies.
It is worth mentioning that students get a good scholarship which roughly accounts for one half of my salary; in addition they have many bonuses like preferential rentals and can also look for temporary employment.