Women, men in city Copenhagen

Anonym 2 years, 10 months ago
Since I’m a girl, I’ll speak about people in general, not only women. People here are very beautiful, I often recall one humorous article about the Danes – “no matter how you try, how hard you exercise in a gym and how hard you go on a diet, you will never look like Danes with their Viking genes”. The sense of style is in people’s blood. Most Danes have a muscled and slim body. People appreciate natural beauty, healthy body and healthy skin, so you won’t see Danish girls with make-up and on high heels (only if you don’t go to a night club). Older women do not paint their hair and look elegant. Men in general are very beautiful, tall, handsome, muscular, they wear stylish clothes and hairstyles. Unfortunately, our Ukrainian men lose them to a tee.