Housing in city Copenhagen

Anonym 2 years, 10 months ago
In general, every newcomer rents a flat. It is really hard to find a good accommodation for reasonable money, but everyone manages to do that in the first month. Rental fee is as high as 1000 – 1500 euro per month, it’s around one thirds of the minimum net salary of a programmer.
Quality: for the same money you may find a great flat or a really old one. But old flats also differ. For example, my house was built in 1886 and has been renovated in 1956. It looks good, has high ceilings, there are no problems with electricity, heating or cold and hot running water.
What is unusual for us is that WC in Danish houses is really small, normally there’s no bath (just a shower), the shower sometimes is situated just above the toilet bowl. However, in my flat WC is big and has a big window. So it is possible to find what you want.
The houses are situated in “squares”, inside each square there’s a courtyard which is locked. A courtyard is usually a small and cozy place with trees, flowers, parking space for bicycles, barbecue, deck chairs, playground and so on. There are two staircases in the house: one goes outdoors and another goes to the courtyard.