Overall impression in city Yekaterinburg

Anonym 2 years, 9 months ago
It’s a compact modern bustling metropolis which attracts many easy-going and skilled workers from the region and adjacent areas. There are beautiful places where you can work, basically, it’s the historical part (city center). There’s a couple of skyscrapers in the city center. In the city center along Iset river one can see many new “glass” buildings – offices of large companies, banks and office buildings. The city is surrounded by commuter towns and new mass housing. A few words about the ecology. There are many reagents used in the city, so there’s a lot of dirt on the roads. But local urban services are trying to keep the city clean. The water is bad, especially hot running water. The air is contaminated too because of many cars and density.
Proximity to the sea: On summer weekends many people go to Chelyabinsk lakes, because there are no swimming lakes near the city.