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30 July 2015
Overall impression

A calm and modern city with all necessary infrastructure. The border with Europe (Poland) is just five minutes away.

Impression of local population

Local people are cultural.


The climate is the warmest in Belarus.


2 main universities

Quality of medicine (quality and cost)

The quality is disputable, medicine for Belarusian citizens is free of charge.

Transport (road access, quality of roads, level of driving, gasoline cost, public transportation)

Public transport is very good. If you own a car, it will take you 40 minutes to reach anywhere in the city. Gazoline 92 costs around 1$
Travelling abroad: If you have Schengen visa, it is easy to travel to Poland and Europe. Ukraine is also not far away.

Prices (cost of living, food, entertainment)

Everything is cheap. Milk and meat products are of a very good quality.

Job (search complexity, level of salary)

If you are an IT-specialist, it's better to work remotely. Local IT companies pay as much as $600 to $1500 per month, salaries higher than that are rare. The work is mainly outsourcing.

Housing (cost, availability, rent, purchase)

Prices start from 200$ per month.

Women \ men (for dating)

There are many young and beautiful female students.

Internet access (availability, price)

If you have a home phone it is possible to connect to byfly. 3Mbit/s costs 17$

The region's economy (crisis, inflation)

Dollar is constantly rising.

How to contact you

http://salesforce-de veloper.ru

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