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16 June 2016
Overall impression

A social welfare heaven for lazybones, the rest work hard and sustain them.
Seaside: 40-50 minutes away by train, but you won’t get much tan.

Attitude to foreigners

With a dash of condescension, but nice.

Impression of local population

Everybody is different, but very positive, zero aggression.


Not too cold, but always grey with chilling wind and rains. Only several weeks of nice sunny days per year.


No bribery, very professional graduates.

Quality of medicine (quality and cost)

Considered the best in the world, but the prices… A 15-minute pediatrician’s consultation can cost 300-400 euro. And if your tooth starts to bother you, it is cheaper to travel to Kharkov and treat it there, even taking into account the dental insurance.

Language (learning of the local language and communication with the local people)

Everybody speaks English, you don’t need to learn Dutch.

Transport (road access, quality of roads, level of driving, gasoline cost, public transportation)

Public transportation is very expensive. Almost all the locals have cars, most own more than one. Still, should they have a chance to ride a bicycle – they do, even top managers of respected companies.

Prices (cost of living, food, entertainment)

Cheap, if you cook your own food – cheaper than in Kharkov.

Job (search complexity, level of salary)

You can consider yourself well-off if you have a fulltime job, since foreigners are paid no less than the officially stipulated minimum wage and that is what an average local gets doing the same job.

Housing (cost, availability, rent, purchase)

750 EUR for a 2-storied house with 2 living rooms and 4 bedrooms.


The worst I’ve heard – bicycles stolen somewhere. Light drugs are sold freely and cheaper than beer.

Women \ men (for dating)

The Dutch women surely have their admirers – slim athletic blonds, but very tall. Women tend to be 1.80-2 meters tall, often taller than 2 meters. They don’t look after themselves much and don’t dress to impress, so usually loose in appearance to migrant beauties from all over the world.

Internet access (availability, price)

20 EUR for 10 Mb/s (ADSL) or 40 EUR for 1 Mb/s (cellular).

How to contact you

http://tvv.habrahabr .ru

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