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23 June 2015
Overall impression

Not like a paradise on earth as shown in Hollywood. The city and surroundings are the set of single-storey suburbs, divided by highways. Everybody is in a car, there are almost no pedestrians, it’s very different from European cities. But unlike Europe prices are lower here and wages are higher.
Distance from the sea: The ocean is nearby, but housing close to it is more expensive.

Attitude to foreigners

Same as to any Americans. It is different only to recently arrived foreigners with no credit history: banks and landlords don’t trust them, but with time the credit rating improves.

Impression of local population

White Americans of older generation are calm, phlegmatic, and they smile more.
Children of millionaires are the same golden youth like in Moscow.
Latinos and Koreans on the streets have the same sad and pensive faces as residents of the USSR.
African Americans are more cheeky and without complexes.

Everybody wears simple clothes; there are no hipsters and trendies. By clothes or by a car you won't distinguish a millionaire from an ordinary person.


In the summer It’s 30 degrees above zero, in the winter + 15. It rains about 10 days a year. Once in 1962, it was snowing for a day.


The UCI University tuition is $15000 per year for California residents, $37,000 per year for residents of other States and foreigners.

Quality of medicine (quality and cost)

Simple dental procedures under the insurance are free, and just more complicated and rare procedure cost more .:

seal - $ 220 ($ 0 with insurance)
Ruth canal- $ 950 ($ 0 with insurance)
removal - $ 200 ($ 0 with insurance)
crown - $ 1200 ($ 500 with insurance)
denture - $ 3,000 ($ 1,200 with insurance)
restoration of bone tissue - $ 600
transplantation of gingiva - $ 1,000

Doctors are more polite. Poor eyesight they explain by natural causes and do not blame it on the computer. Bad teeth they explain by the need to floss and don't mention anything about candies and lemonade.

Language (learning of the local language and communication with the local people)

To know English is enough, to learn Spanish isn’t necessary yet.

Transport (road access, quality of roads, level of driving, gasoline cost, public transportation)

Outside the city and in the suburbs roads are perfect. Inside Los Angeles roads are in pits and fissures.
A lot of inadequate drivers, some of them drive without a license. But nobody parks on sidewalks.
Gasoline is more expensive than in other states, but less than in the world. Depends on the oil price. Now its cost is $ 0.6 per liter with the price of oil - $ 60 per barrel.
In some areas, Los Angeles has a subway, both underground and ground. There are buses, but there are rare.
Travel to other countries: Flights are expensive, even in Asia are more expensive than from Moscow. Popular holiday destinations are Latin American countries; some of them accept American visa.

Prices (cost of living, food, entertainment)

Salaries are higher than in Europe, the cost of living is cheaper: http://www.numbeo.com/cost-of-living/city_result.jsp?country=United+States&city=Los+Angeles%2C+CA

Job (search complexity, level of salary)

A lot of work for minimum wage.
There are IT-companies, but in a smaller amount to compare with the Bay Area.

Housing (cost, availability, rent, purchase)

On average, it’s $ 1,500 per month for a 1-bedroom; at least $ 1,000 per month, maximum - $ 3,000.
Despite the fact that prices are cheaper than in New York or San Francisco, this city is considered the most unaffordable in the United States by the indicator: "average salary" / "average rent”.
Purchase price, as well as rent price depends on the area of residence.


It depends on the area and the suburbs.

Women \ men (for dating)

Coincides with the composition of the population.
Women are in most Latinas (don’t look at all as Salma Hayek), black women, Koreans (also are very different from Korean actresses and singers), Filipinos and Vietnamese. White women are a minority, and they don’t look feminine (the example of such appearance is the actress Jennifer Aniston).
Despite the presence of Hollywood, you won’t see famous actors and actresses in the streets and in restaurants.

Internet access (availability, price)

The cheapest and slowest one costs $ 30 per month for 3 megabits.
The fastest and expensive one is $ 65 per month for 45 megabits.

The region's economy (crisis, inflation)

The country continues to develop, even when Europe and Japan are in recession.

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