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19 July 2016
Overall impression

The IT capital of India.
Seaside: no sea, but there are parks and public gardens.

Impression of local population

The educated young Indians working in IT and neighboring fields.


Depends on the season, mildly hot from September to April.


Higher technical education, secondary education, and specialized secondary education.

Quality of medicine (quality and cost)

Better than the average in India, not expensive.

Prices (cost of living, food, entertainment)

Better than average in the country, large shopping centers, fast food, clubs.

Job (search complexity, level of salary)

Via the internet, freelance, contract.

Housing (cost, availability, rent, purchase)

Guesthouses, hotels, apartments for rent, both for short and long periods.


Don’t know.

Internet access (availability, price)

Public Wi-Fi hot spots, 3G cellular data connection.

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1 review
Goa Velha
about quality of medicine
Good, might be because India is the cradle of medicine (Ayurveda). Yoga and...