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2 July 2015
Overall impression

One of the most beautiful cities in the United States (the center, ie downtown). Cultural Capital - an analogue of St. Petersburg in Russia. Not satisfied with anti-gun laws - if you're a fan of shooting as a sport, you’ll feel bad here. .
Distance from the sea: The city is on the shore of the Lake Michigan, the very center: lovely promenades, a huge landscaped, a park along the shore, with tennis courts, athletic fields, parking for yachts, a picnic area, for example, a cycle track runs around the park along the water at 30 miles

Attitude to foreigners

Nothing special.

Impression of local population

Don’t go in Southern Chicago: black guys live there.
White people are in Northern Chicago . People are nicer than in New York, but of course it is far from warmth and openness of the southerners. Suburbs of Chicago are settled by the Poles. There are a lot of Polish people with their shops, small businesses. A bit of Russians.


Similar to Moscow, more windy. Winter can be mild, almost without snow, and mild but very snowy and cold with icy wind and snow. Summer is not as hot as in Moscow. Spring and autumn are very pleasant.


University of Chicago is in the top five universities in the world. Or in the top ten, I don’t remember.

Quality of medicine (quality and cost)

In the US is as everywhere. If you have insurance – you will be prescribed all possible and often impossible analysis and medical examinations: to not leave none of doctors offended. No insurance and no medicare – die in silence. Nothing Chicago-specific, except a big quantity of Polish doctors (they are good) and Arab dentists (they are not good).

Language (learning of the local language and communication with the local people)

The IT - as well as elsewhere, the Indians with hundreds of unimaginable accents from purely British to unclear babbling. The service - many Poles do not speak at all. Americans by birth - no special accent.

Transport (road access, quality of roads, level of driving, gasoline cost, public transportation)

Subway - built in the 19th century, since the station apparently have not been repaired. Very ragged, dirty, but affordable and great development network. Cars are however decent, with air conditioning and unmessy. Buses are more comfortable and cleaner than the subway unless you go through the ghetto area. Meter is a network of two-storey trains, comes to the city center. It’s comfortable, clean, most people commute to work on the subway from the suburbs. The quality of roads - in the center roads are in a good state, in suburbs – it depends, on average - pretty bad. The most annoying things in the spring are holes in canvas, covered with puddles and mud. They are repaired, but not enough, the mayor is criticized for a poor state of roads.
Through the center the multiband highway with the express lane runs. In the morning at the leaving from the city and in the evening at the entrance to the city all the highways are in a traffic jam, Americans - that means, that everybody drives slowly, keeping the distance and rows. No one bypasses on the roadside and on the opposite lane. Actually everyone drives carefully, politely (compared to Russian), you can meet a freak, but it’s rare enough. Parking in the center is $ 18- $ 20 per hour (multi-stores), on the sideline - $ 4 per hour without any problem but only for two hours.
Traveling to the other countries: what’s it to Chicago?

Prices (cost of living, food, entertainment)

Same as in Moscow, probably, I think prices generally differ a little, except in California, New York. Food - very good dairy, meat is good (meat, that smells and tastes like meat you can buy from the Chinese and Mexicans), bread is disgusting, fruit and vegetables – are normal with few exceptions (that's all over America) - such as persimmon that is solid as a rock, and costs $ 3 a piece; expensive and sour pomegranates, tomatoes and cucumbers are completely tasteless but looking good.

Job (search complexity, level of salary)

There is a saying - "if there is no work in Chicago – it doesn’t exist anywhere."
IT - for every taste and color, for all salary levels - from $ 50K to $ 130K. But better to find a job outside of the center, somewhere in the suburbs: it’ s difficult to get to the center, parking is wildly expensive.

Housing (cost, availability, rent, purchase)

I don’t know: haven’t bought. Probably a little cheaper than in Moscow.
Rented apartment in the condominium (ie, the whole house is for rent, there is an office administration, parking, laundry, swimming pool, etc.) - $ 1,000 for a studio, one bedroom - from $1100-1200, etc. For example, in the center of the McClurg Court the studio is $ 1400.


Shooting happens. In the southern Chicago - continuously, but that's OK, gangs destroy themselves. In the north – rarely. In general, in the street I feel much safer than in Russia, no Caucasians / Gypsies / street muggers, cops can be trusted, no one will check the documents or invite witnesses in the subway to make a report to a drunk.

Women \ men (for dating)

American women look like a workhorse, not paying attention to their appearance, without makeup, without a haircut, as there is no need for them, there are much less women than men. Russians are suggested to pay attention to the same emigrants.

Internet access (availability, price)

Monopoly of Comcast (cable) and AT & T (ADSL): some areas- just Comcast, others - only AT & T. Not great, but acceptable enough.

The region's economy (crisis, inflation)

Previously the city construction was reduced, but it stopped and now it’ s growing. New buildings are very few, almost none. It is a pity that the project Chicago Spear – a huge skyscraper on the lake shore- is closed. Only a hole for the foundation and the exit from the bridge to the construction site were made - and abandoned.
Over the last five years only Trump skyscraper was built in the center.
Far from being depressed areas. Although except in Chicago and the surrounding area it’ s especially nowhere to work.

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