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7 August 2015
Overall impression

The town is for high wages only, it’s not good to live in.
Proximity to the sea: N/A

Attitude to foreigners

There are few foreigners.

Impression of local population

Local population is unrelaxed and grey. There are no entertainment venues, so young people are left on their own.


It’s situated in the North: winter lasts 7 months, summer is cold.


There are few professions that you can get in local colleges, most of them are technical ones which allow to work at the plant.

Language (learning of the local language and communication with the local people)

Russian. If you want to learn English there are some courses.

Transport (road access, quality of roads, level of driving, gasoline cost, public transportation)

The town is small, it doesn’t take much time to get anywhere.
Travelling abroad: N/A

Prices (cost of living, food, entertainment)

There’s no entertainment in the town, prices are high, but salaries are also high.

Job (search complexity, level of salary)

It is really easy to find a job here. Salaries are higher than in other Russian cities, but cost of life is expensive too.


Crime rate is low.

Internet access (availability, price)

The internet is very expensive, it may cost up to 5000 RUR per month.

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