Overall impression in city Fairlawn

Anonym 2 years, 11 months ago
My lovely decent town, suburb of industrial Akron. Greenery, peace, comfort, a few miles of the best shops, tennis clubs, hunting, wine (!), Horse breeding; Not far - the largest US air base (the sky is lined in lanes); Camp Perry - the best in the country shooting, the main venue of the championships and tournaments. You can visit Cleveland,interesting to nobody,as it’s called- mistake on the lake.
Akron itself is so-so,in my opinion, a factory town, and Fairlawn - is a settlement for the rich and elderly. Small and safe with good relaxed people,it' easy enough to make friends and acquaintance here. I like these small American provincial towns where there are shops more than plants, quiet, comfortable, with friendly life.

Distance to the sea: Far enough. To get to the Lake Erie it takes less than an hour, but in the vicinity of Cleveland there is nothing attractive..
There Is Indian River Kayahoga, you can find a cycling track along it to the Cleveland. There are small rivers, even with small waterfalls. The forest is deciduous, in the autumn it’s very nice.