Is working in South Korea dangerous, or not?

Andrey 1 year, 11 months ago
Should you be asking if the employer could be dishonest and lie to you, then the answer is yes. However, this can happen in almost any country, as you surely understand. In reality, all foreigners, who arrive in Korea to work, are directed to a makeshift educational center at first, where they are told about the country, customs, local cuisine, and helped with the language. In a couple of days, the employers (owners of factories, hajinins) start arriving to pick up their employees. On arrival at your place of work, your passport will be taken and you will be sent to work. That is about how it happens. You might get a different place, not the factory you negotiated with, but another one, which you will be assigned to.
Should you be asking of the level of crime in South Korea, it is low. The country is quite safe.
Should you be afraid of catching some exotic illness (e.g. the much talked about coronavirus), then the chances are equal anywhere you go, since it isn’t an epidemic, and cases of illness have been singular.
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