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7 August 2015
Overall impression

For people who want and like to work - the return is corresponding. Those who want to serve time and to get paid -will be sorely disappointed. In particular, it concerns the owners of professions the market is oversaturated by. If a person is not ready to change, to learn - he would vegetate in poverty, stigmatizing the country.

Distance from the sea. The waterfront is nearby (10-40 minutes, depending on where you live), but in Northern California it’s cold to swim without a wetsuit even in summer.

Attitude to foreigners

Absolutely normal. Speech errors are perceived with understanding.

Impression of local population

Local – are those who moved 5-10 years ago :) People like people, they are open and good-natured in general, but let’s not confuse politeness with genuine interest. To win friendship, as elsewhere, is possible just after time and being "useful".


In October +34 in the afternoon, the weather is mostly sunny all year. In winter, the average temperature is + 10-14 degrees and It’s often raining, the snow was last seen on a hilltop in 2009 and it was a big surprise. But it’s possible to get to the nearest mountains for a half an hour and skiing there.


For any taste. The average price of year of study in a higher educational institution - from 25 000 dollars (don't forget about living costs). But if you are a California resident (have lived for a year in the state), the cost of payment in the public schools is reduced to about 6 000 per a year. The holders of green card and citizenship can get educational loans at low interest rate for which you can’t pay until you find a job. As well, representatives of natural areas receive grants covering tuition cost.
You can learn even a lifetime, in some colleges there are subjects you can study in the evenings or online. The quality is good, if you choose a public College or a good commercial one (there are also semi-fictitious online office, which should be avoided).

Quality of medicine (quality and cost)

Medicine is expensive, level is high, but it’s necessary to control the actions of doctors anyway. Especially if you have cheap insurance.

Language (learning of the local language and communication with the local people)

"The main language is English, but in state institutions it’s duplicated in Spanish, and sometimes in Chinese. As well, in state institutions you can always ask for a translator, as a rule, they should have the Russian – speaking (in the court – for sure). In hospitals there are also translators.
To find a job the knowledge of English is no less important than professional skills."

Transport (road access, quality of roads, level of driving, gasoline cost, public transportation)

The roads are flat and broad, the drivers violate not often ( fines are high, speeding over 20 miles per hour is a criminal offense). Public transport is used by everyone, including by homeless, so it’s not always a pleasure to travel. But there are always empty seats, so you can sit on the farthest one.

Travel to other countries: Not very fond of visiting Cuba.

Prices (cost of living, food, entertainment)

"Comparing with Moscow:
- rental housing is the same; purchase is more expensive but is offset by low interest rates on mortgages
- clothing is cheaper
- cars are cheaper
- food - something is more expensive, something is cheaper. To compare: the cost of fresh meat (per 1 kg): chicken is $ 2, pork is $ 6, beef steak is $ 16. Bottle of wine (the level of "Massandra") is $ 10. Lunch at the restaurant from $10 (average $15-20), the portions are large.
- services are more expensive (men's haircut is from $ 15, car wash is from $ 20)
- mobile communication: 500 minutes and unlimited SMS + Internet - $ 60 per a month
- cinema is from $ 7.5 per ticket ($12 / each or 10 tickets for $75)"

Job (search complexity, level of salary)

A lot of work, but requirements are quite high. Knowledge and experience are enough for an IT professional. For a specialist in marketing local education is highly desirable (you can go directly to graduate school, having a domestic diploma). For a specialist in Finance or law, without the local education, anywhere to go.

Housing (cost, availability, rent, purchase)

"A house costs from 300 000 dollars, but for this price the house will not be in the best area. A house with 3 bedrooms, a living room, 2 bathrooms in a good area with good schools - from $800 000.

Apartments and townhouses are cheaper - you can find a 2-3 bedroom apartment in a nice area for $ 300 000.”


In unsafe areas, by hearsay, you can be robbed on the street, the car can be opened and bikes can be stolen. In good areas such incidents happen rarely - cars are often not closed, windows in apartments are left open (they have just a mesh), doors are wooden.

Women \ men (for dating)

Girls are mainly of three types: fat, ugly, Chinese.
No wonder that many white Americans go out with Asian women - among them there are a lot of pretty girls. As well as among the Russians, but here there are a bit of Russians. A lot of Mexicans (they have a problem with early fullness), Hindu women. There are cute white American girls, but especially in special locations (Stanford, for example).

Internet access (availability, price)

$ 20 per a month for about 8 Mbit (possibly, more expensive at other providers ).

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