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10 February 2016
Overall impression

It’s very clean in the city, as well as in Redmond. But these cities are more expensive than others. Seattle is a little more dirtyб similar to such cities as Kiev or Moscow. Bellevue is small and very green, very few people on the streets (in general, all are at malls =).
To compare - 20 miles to the south there is Renton city - where to live is cheaper, but there are a lot of Afro-Americans, it’s dirty and so on. I visited Las Vegas and Los Angeles and I had the impression that everywhere everything is in different ways, but for the most part worse than in Bellevue.
In general, I like everything here, I found nothing wrong besides the completely dumb tax legislation.
Distance from the sea: To get to the ocean with the beach – about 2 hours by car. But to swim is still impossible: it’s too cold. To get to the lake - 10 minutes by bike. There are a lot of lakes where you can swim in summer.

Attitude to foreigners

Here there are a lot of visitors, so it depends on who will face. In general, it’s good.

Impression of local population

Positive. The y are friendly, often help when you ask something to them. They treat with understanding accent and language difficulties.


No winter. When the snow falls – no one goes to work, as all have summer tires, and nobody doesn’t change.
In winter it’s about +10+, sometimes the temperature falls to +5. In autumn and spring it’s about +15. In summer, about + 20-25.
It rains very often. Almost every day. In summer , however, it’ s not often .


Doesn’t know, but friends say that the school education is rather good to compare with St. Petersburg’s one.

Quality of medicine (quality and cost)

Insurance is obligatory, without it it’s very difficult. The quality is considered good.
Despite the fact that I have insurance is – I’ve never got to the hospital. Friends say that there are Russian-speaking staffs in hospitals.
Not so long ago the grandmother of a friend from work went to hospital without insurance with suspected stroke – for 3 days in the hospital they paid $ 15,000.
There is a family physician and ordinary doctors. Family – is like our district doctor. Here they can prescribe medication or refer you to a normal doctor. A friend of mine was hospitalized in serious condition with inflammatory process in a stomach (it was the liver, I think). For two months he’s been going to the family doctor, was subscribed different pills, but he didn’t direct nowhere. As a result, this friend was said that if there wouldn’t be any pain, and he wouldn’t call an ambulance, he would be dead a week later.
In summary – the medicine is good, expensive, but you should be on the alert and if have something serious, ask for a referral to a specialist.

Language (learning of the local language and communication with the local people)

English, many Chinese and Indians with the appropriate accents. But there is no particular problem.
Students often organize English language courses. I learn, don’t know the price, the company paid, but the quality wasn’t appreciated. Besides additional experience of conversation with the teacher, I got a little bit, I think, from the lessons. Maybe it helped me to make my writing more clear.

Transport (road access, quality of roads, level of driving, gasoline cost, public transportation)

Buses run on schedule, but not very often - once in half an hour, at weekend - every hour. But Google maps allows you to make a route taking into account schedules - so there are no problems.
Roads are excellent, there are no problems to drive - everything is much calmer than in Moscow. Traffic jams are rare, are resolved faster and speed is higher than in Moscow.
Travelling to other countries: To Hawaii -without any problems. To Canada – it’s necessary to do a visa, but it takes one day.

Prices (cost of living, food, entertainment)

Almost the same as in Moscow, a bit more expensive than in Ukraine.
Food - $ 500-600 for products, $ 200-300 for lunch in the dining room.

Job (search complexity, level of salary)

it’s enough. However, I haven’t tried to change.

Housing (cost, availability, rent, purchase)

One bedroom apartment is $ 1,050 per a month plus $ 25 for parking. In addition, around $ 100-150 for water electricity etc.
Quality is normal.


Didn’t meet. For a year I’ve seen the police only a few times. In other cities - it certainly exists (like in Seattle), but in Bellevue - it’s ok with it.

Women \ men (for dating)

Sometimes you can meet cute girls, but they are not in majority. Afro-Americans and Hindu women are not attractive, however they live here. I like girls from Kiev more ;)
I've heard that all American women are overweight, but in fact it’s not true. Yes, they are more often full, but not as often as talking about it.

Internet access (availability, price)

I use Comcast - the first half of the year - $ 35 per month, next months - $ 70.
Speed 12/2 Mbit / sec.
I’ve tried Wimax from clear.com – in my view, the wired Internet is better.
As for mobile Internet - I use T-Mobile. $ 70 per month - unlimited full on calls and SMS in states and 2Gb of the Internet per month. I don’t know why, but in half a year I’ve got unlimited internet on the mobile.

How to contact you

http: //ghisguth.habrahabr .ru

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