Quality of medicine in city Bellevue

Anonym 2 years, 3 months ago
Insurance is obligatory, without it it’s very difficult. The quality is considered good.
Despite the fact that I have insurance is – I’ve never got to the hospital. Friends say that there are Russian-speaking staffs in hospitals.
Not so long ago the grandmother of a friend from work went to hospital without insurance with suspected stroke – for 3 days in the hospital they paid $ 15,000.
There is a family physician and ordinary doctors. Family – is like our district doctor. Here they can prescribe medication or refer you to a normal doctor. A friend of mine was hospitalized in serious condition with inflammatory process in a stomach (it was the liver, I think). For two months he’s been going to the family doctor, was subscribed different pills, but he didn’t direct nowhere. As a result, this friend was said that if there wouldn’t be any pain, and he wouldn’t call an ambulance, he would be dead a week later.
In summary – the medicine is good, expensive, but you should be on the alert and if have something serious, ask for a referral to a specialist.