Prices in city Nuremberg

Anonym 2 years ago
I am from the city Vladimir in Russia and I’ve lived in Nuremberg since 2010. Rent is similar to that in Vladimir, but more expensive here due to the cost of the utilities. See the part about housing for details. Food is more expensive here. There are Russian stores, where you can buy familiar foods and reasonably cheap fresh fish. There are also bio-shops selling everything organic – very high-quality products, but more expensive too. Meat is extremely expensive, chicken costs 20 euro per kilogram. I believe that it is better to buy bio-products if you can afford them, since you know that they aren’t full of antibiotics and other harmful stuff. I don’t know if non-bio-meat is full of any of that, but I try to eat it rarely. Right now, we buy about 50% of bio and 50% of non-bio foods, and our food costs us about 300-350 euro per month for two people. Beer is obscenely cheap, 80 cents for a bottle of excellent Frankish beer. A dinner in a decent restaurant plus a glass of beer costs about 12-20 euro per person. Tips are optional (unlike in the US), 5% usually, 10% if you thought the service exceptional.
Car and medical insurance is quite expensive, as are taxes. I pay about 65 euro monthly for mandatory car insurance, without Casco. About the same is spent per month on petrol, sometimes as much as 80 euro. Medical insurance costs 300 euro per month (employer pays an equal amount) for a married person with a salary of 46000 euro annually (pre-tax) paying taxes in accordance with the 3rd category. A single person (thus, paying taxes in accordance with the 1st category) will have 40% of his salary deducted to cover taxes and medical insurance.
Cara prices are nice. You can find a 2004-5 Golf or Ford Focus in a very good condition for 3-4-5 thousand. A decent Audi can be found for 10-15 thousand.