Education in city Nuremberg

Anonym 2 years ago
Very high-quality and inexpensive (about 500 euro per semester). The Nuremberg-Erlangen-Furth agglomeration is home to a large Friedrich-Alexander University, 2nd largest in Bavaria with more than 20 thousand students and many foreigners among them. A wide range of specialties is available, many subjects are taught in good English – I know for a fact, that is the case at the economic and technological (IT) faculties. Enrolling to get a Master’s degree also isn’t hard. You can easily work part-time at the university as a junior research assistant while studying (the LIKE faculty looks promising for IT students) or at the Fraunhofer Institute (a reasonably well-known research institute). This part-time job in addition to working on various research projects is interesting and useful for your future career in the field. The salary is enough to pay for a dorm room or WG (when several people rent a large flat together) and to eat.