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14 July 2016
Overall impression

+A very comfortable country to live in, perfect service, reasonable prices, you can go hiking in the mountains (many routes are available) or camping (get some overdue drinking done with or without a tent). Sightseeing treats include motorcycle and airplane shows, museums, gardens and so on. There are schools for kids of foreigners, including those with schooling in Russian.
-Those, who don’t like spicy food, will suffer. Architecture is uniform and quite drab. Cities are like twins, but the picturesque landscapes balance that. Knowledge of Korean is absolutely necessary to solve various banking/housing/other issues.
The whole Asia is right in front of you, low cost airlines being present too. Ferries to China, Japan and Vladivostok.

25 April 2016
Overall impression

A pleasant, calm and self-satisfied country, rapidly developing and unwilling to stop.
Seaside: 2 hours by car westwards or 3.5-4 hours by car eastwards.

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Usually provided and paid for by the employer. A single-room flat not in the...