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30 July 2015
Overall impression

Clean and quiet. There's almost no corruption, everything is done online, so the terms of considerations of applications/petitions are short. The life is calm. It is hard to earn a lot, but IT specialist won't be poor. Many people move to Western Europe for a big payday. There are some political arguments between the Russians and the Estonians regarding official attitude towards the history of WW2 and existing discrimination against Russians (Russian language is not the second state language even though Russians constitute 30% of the total population in Estonia and 50% of Tallin's population; such an attitude towards the second biggest ethnic group in the country is unthinkable; most Russians have initially been cut from citizenship).

Proximity to the sea: Clean beaches within the city limits, a maximum of 30 minutes by public transport.

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about climate
Coastal climate - the same as in St. Petersburg. White nights included.