7 July 2015
Overall impression

Control center of Earth
Distance from the sea: There are several beaches with varying degree of purity. Some are close to the subway, to get to the others you need a car.

Attitude to foreigners

Everyone doesn’t care

Impression of local population

I am a local. Not aggressive unless provoked.


Unpredictable. In the morning you can get under the icy rain and in the evening you can sit shirtless on the balcony and admire the sunset.


As much as you want.

Quality of medicine (quality and cost)

Quality is high, cost is higher. You absolutely need the insurance.

Language (learning of the local language and communication with the local people)

If you can explain what you want without looking as an idiot – you won’t have communication problems. Nobody cares about the accent (especially in New York), although, of course, you can meet snobs.

Transport (road access, quality of roads, level of driving, gasoline cost, public transportation)

In most cases public transport is more profitable than driving. Gasoline statewide NY is much more expensive than in neighboring states (about 50 cents per gallon compared with NJ).
Traveling to other countries: No problem - with an American passport

Job (search complexity, level of salary)

A lot of work,different one. Payment is generally higher than the national average, due to high housing prices.

Housing (cost, availability, rent, purchase)

Housing is expensive (New York is one of the most expensive places in America), for example for 2-bedroom you can paid from $ 1200 (in the inferior area of Brooklyn or Queens)up to $3500 per month (in Manhattan center).



Women \ men (for dating)

Everything is in place

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Discussion of the review

Andrey 2 years, 2 months ago
I’ve recently moved backed to Russia for some time, but I lived in Brooklyn in the Sheepshead bay region. I rented a studio for 900 USD, or more accurately, it was the ground floor of a private three-storied house with a separate entrance. I consider myself very lucky to have gotten that price, since the price range was 1000-1100 for studios at the time. Decent rooms went for 800, some crappy ones could be found for 600. I liked the BayRidge region in Brooklyn most of all – calm, nice junction, everything is nearby. However, accommodation there is more expensive, than in the other regions. For example, my acquaintances rented a 3-bedrom for 2100. Sheepshead bay is close to Brighton, there are many Russians, but the region is nice, the quay is nearby, many cafes, magnificent views. I’d advise you not to bother going to Brighton, since it is like USSR there, only the beach is reasonably nice.
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